After 10 years engaging in cutting tools manufacture, the company started their world wide international trade company-----Xi'An Mager Machinery International Trade Co., Ltd. established in 2003. we supply varies metal Cutting tools, Precision measuring instrument, Wood working cutting tools, Machine tools accessories,and OEM cutting tools, etc.

Thanks to our manufacturing experience, we are professional in manufacture technology. We conduct strict QC policy to guarantee high quality products. Through our hard working, the company grows very fast, the development department, technology department and QC department were completed.

We can help our clients to develop new products and we guarantee our customers high quality products. We supply products to professional customers through North America, Europe, South Africa and Asia.

We always believe in the basic fundamentals of "Quality is our life". By strengthening our management scientifically and through hard work, we will provide our business partner better and better service and the best quality products.If you need more information about the product you are looking for, please, contact us.


Thanks to our manufacturing experience, we are professional in manufacture...

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